AV Component Rack: A Solution for Component Storage

AV Component Rack: A Solution for Component Storage

There is a great solution on the market for storage of a/v components in one cleanly-housed place in Prosper, TX. It is called an AV Component Rack. Typically, a entertainment console is used to store a/v components. However, there are a couple of great reasons to consider using an AV Component Rack instead of an entertainment console.

Reason 1:

It is clean, consolidated storage of components. Instead of having your a/v components spread out in various places within your space, the a/v component rack provides a storage solution that is clean, and well organized for each component.

Reason 2:

It is a space saver. The number of a/v components you have could add up quickly, which could easily translate to those components taking over a lot of space (plus the wires!). The a/v component rack goes up (vertical), as opposed to horizontally like an entertainment console.

Reason 3:

It locks. The rack has a glass door that locks. This is a bonus if you have children, especially small children, who like to play with the a/v components. The locks protects your component investment from being touched and damaged.

Cool features of the AV Component Rack:

  • Multiple shelves for storage of several a/v components
  • Ventilates hot air to prevent overheating of a/v equipment
  • Glass door on front provides a view of the components from the outside while protecting them
  • Glass door locks
  • Several options for placement of rack (i.e. closet, inside custom cabinetry, in the corner of the room, etc.)
  • Solid, sturdy construction
  • Looks nice, good aesthetics
AV Component Rack
AV Component Rack







In summary, an AV Component Rack is a good solution for someone who has a number of a/v components that need a good, clean, well-constructed storage solution.

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Universal Remote Control: A Must-Have in Frisco, TX

Universal Remote Control:  A Must-Have in Frisco, TX

Does this pile of remote controls look familiar in Frisco, TX? If you answered yes, you definitely want to keep reading…

universal remote 2

Imagine this…

It’s a Friday night after a long week at work. You decide it’s a perfect night to stay in and relax during a movie with your family. You grab the popcorn and beverages and head to the media room. Ahhh, you are surely in for a nice, relaxing night at home….but, first let’s gear up the system…

You go to your mile long row of remote controls lined up on the table. You need to turn on your TV, Blue Ray player, receiver… and the list goes on. You pull out the TV remote, click the Power button. Next, you pull out your Blue Ray player remote, click the Power button. Then, you pull out your receiver remote control, hit the Power button and make sure it’s on the correct input. Now, you rummage back through your remotes, grab the Blue Ray player remote control (again) and push the Play button.

The movie begins to play. The sound is too low. Guess what? It’s time to dig back through your stack of remotes. Find the receiver remote. Turn the volume up to your liking, and enjoy the movie.

How many steps did that take to simply turn on the movie? Too many!

Not to fret, there is a brilliant solution – a universal remote control.

Universal Remote Control
Universal Remote Control on charging station
Universal Remote Control, with touch screen

A universal remote control has a simple job, and that is to consolidate your pile of remotes to ONE single pre-programmed remote control.  How does that work? We’re glad you asked.

It’s really a simple process. You purchase a universal remote control from Center Stage A/V, and we will program it for you, resulting in one shiny, new remote control. The remote control programming includes any a/v component you own (TV, Blue Ray player, receiver, cable/satellite box, Apple TV, CD player, etc.). Provide us with your favorite TV channels and music stations, and we will program those in for you as well.

You can toss the gamut of other remotes you have into a drawer somewhere, and forget about them.

Is it easy to use? YES! Literally, with a (touch screen) push of a button on the universal remote control, the entire system will power up and be ready to play your movie. Once the movie is playing, if you need to adjust the volume, stop, pause, etc., simply use the universal remote control to complete any action. It is really that simple and easy to use.

Buying a universal remote control will really eliminate the hassle of working through a pile of remote controls, which can be stressful, especially for those in the household who may not know which remote goes to which a/v component. Sometimes, even the best intentions with a label maker and remotes don’t help too well.

So, think of the purchase of a universal remote control being a stress reliever, and something that makes your family movie watching time that much more enjoyable and relaxing.

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