Our goal is to educate our customers on the most frequently asked questions. We kept the answers somewhat brief by leaving most of the hard-to-understand jargon out for ease of understanding. We will be happy to elaborate or answer any additional questions.  We are here for you, our customer.


Our service and dedication! We are family-owned and operated, and we believe in serving our customers each as individuals, doing a free in-home consultation and building a custom quote for each and every customer. We take great pride in how we serve our customers. You are our focus. We have a passion for the a/v world and enjoy delivering the entertainment experience through sound and vision.  We are able to provide excellent service, products, and budget-conscious pricing, and as a result, providing one of the best, fun additions to any home – a true sound and vision EXPERIENCE!

Yes, we offer installation only services. Beforehand, we will meet with you, review your purchased equipment, and validate the equipment will be sufficient for your vision.  We pride ourselves on quality work and believe the job should be done right each and every time.

They are all high-definition televisions (HDTV). An LCD/LED television uses LED’s (light-emitting diodes) to produce the picture. LEDs are essentially mini lights that are used to provide the light within the TV, which is also called ‘backlighting’. LED TVs tend to be lighter in weight than plasma. Plasmas use phosphors (gas) to create the image on the screen and don’t require backlighting. Plasma TVs have a piece of glass that covers the front, which should be considered if you have a bright room, as the plasma will have a reflection of the images in the room (almost like a mirror).  When determining the type of TV you prefer, consider screen thickness, brightness, darkness, energy efficiency, and price.  LED TVs tend to be brighter and more energy-efficient than plasma; while plasma conveys more true colors and some believe the picture on a plasma is more realistic and vivid.

A 5.1 surround sound system consists of two front speakers, two rear speakers (called ‘surround speakers’), a center speaker, and a subwoofer. A 7.1 is the same as a 5.1 but you are adding an additional two speakers which enhances the true surround experience.  An additional option for a 7.1 system is to add a second subwoofer if you desire a ‘rock my house’ type of system!

We will conduct a complimentary training for you on your new system and if you can’t get something to work we are just a call away.

The size of the room doesn’t necessarily determine whether you can do a dedicated home theater. What is most important is the equipment and speaker placement within the room.

Several. Options for outdoor entertainment include outdoor speakers, TV mounting, speakers around the pool (can look like a rock so they blend), etc. A/V is an excellent way to step up your outdoor entertaining!

Possibilities seem endless! They include listening to the radio, playing a DVD/Blue Ray, playing your digital music (such as iPod), control your HVAC, etc.

You can create an a/v closet, which is where all the equipment would be stored with the wires running to that closet and neatly organized; as a result, making the equipment out of sight yet completely accessible to your remote control. An additional option is to store equipment within an entertainment cabinet resulting in the same outcome – out of sight yet completely accessible.

Via a universal remote control. It will take the place of all remotes. We offer universal remote programming (the act of consolidating all remotes into one) and complementary training on your new universal remote.

This is certainly possible, through whole house sound. You would need:

  • A receiver that will push sound through multiple outputs (i.e. in multiple rooms).
  • The rooms wired for speakers. If your rooms are not currently wired, we can install the necessary wire to each room.
  • Speakers installed in each of the rooms you’d like to hear (typically a pair of speakers in each room).

It’s better! Once you have your own home theater, it’s hard to imagine fighting the crowds, sharing armrests and dealing with offenders of the “silence is golden” rule. You can make a home theater as realistic as you’d like. Some people add accessories such as popcorn machines and real theater seating (the comfy kind!). However, a home theater can also be located in your family room, and still be better than a night at the local movie theater.

Pre-wire!  We offer pre-wire installation services on any new home build. We will work with your builder/designer on timing while we work with you on your specific a/v needs.