AV Component Rack: A Solution for Component Storage

AV Component Rack: A Solution for Component Storage

There is a great solution on the market for storage of a/v components in one cleanly-housed place in Prosper, TX. It is called an AV Component Rack. Typically, a entertainment console is used to store a/v components. However, there are a couple of great reasons to consider using an AV Component Rack instead of an entertainment console.

Reason 1:

It is clean, consolidated storage of components. Instead of having your a/v components spread out in various places within your space, the a/v component rack provides a storage solution that is clean, and well organized for each component.

Reason 2:

It is a space saver. The number of a/v components you have could add up quickly, which could easily translate to those components taking over a lot of space (plus the wires!). The a/v component rack goes up (vertical), as opposed to horizontally like an entertainment console.

Reason 3:

It locks. The rack has a glass door that locks. This is a bonus if you have children, especially small children, who like to play with the a/v components. The locks protects your component investment from being touched and damaged.

Cool features of the AV Component Rack:

  • Multiple shelves for storage of several a/v components
  • Ventilates hot air to prevent overheating of a/v equipment
  • Glass door on front provides a view of the components from the outside while protecting them
  • Glass door locks
  • Several options for placement of rack (i.e. closet, inside custom cabinetry, in the corner of the room, etc.)
  • Solid, sturdy construction
  • Looks nice, good aesthetics
AV Component Rack
AV Component Rack







In summary, an AV Component Rack is a good solution for someone who has a number of a/v components that need a good, clean, well-constructed storage solution.

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