Top 5 Reasons Why Whole House Sound Adds Value to Your Home in Frisco, TX

Top 5 Reasons Why Whole House Sound Adds Value to Your Home in Frisco, TX

Have you ever hosted a friends and family gathering in your home and thought, “I sure wish we could be listening to music right now!”?  You aren’t the only one. When entertaining family and friends, having speakers in multiple rooms (whole house sound) adds serious entertainment value to your home, and it is very affordable to do so.

Here are the top 5 reasons why whole house sound adds value to your home:

1) Play music in every room. Speakers can be installed in any room of the house: living space, dining space, bedrooms, bathrooms, office, etc. Be entertained with upbeat music while cleaning your house, relaxing music while taking a bath, inspiring music while reading a book… your music, your choice.

2) Entertainment for house parties. Plan a party and know your entertainment is ready and waiting. Determine the mood you want to set for your party, turn on the speakers before guests arrive, dance around while preparing, and have peace of mind knowing your guests will be entertained throughout the event. Music adds entertainment value to any event.

3) Increase your home’s resale value. Speakers in multiple rooms is highly desired to buyers these days. Enjoy the speakers while living in the home, and know when it goes on the market that buyers will see value in the whole house sound. In fact, play music in every room for all potential buyer showings! This will help them imagine entertaining their own family and friends in the house, and it may even sell faster.

4) Outside speakers provide endless entertainment. Play music to outdoor speakers, while having the TV on in the house. Host a football party, have the fans of the game inside watching the game on the big screen, while playing music outside on the back patio for other guests. Dual entertainment! You select what you want to play through the whole house sound speakers. Even play the game on the back patio. It’s your entertainment of choice.

5) Ability to play music in specific rooms. Did you know when the sound source (receiver) is on, you can select which rooms to play the sound to? With a whole house sound system, each room that has speakers installed will have a volume control (either an electronic keypad or knob) that allows you to select which rooms to play the sound. If you only want to play sound to two of the six rooms with speakers, no problem! You would simply turn on the volume control to the rooms you want to play the sound.

Whole house sound is the way to go for adding entertainment value to your home. You will enjoy it, your family and friends will enjoy it, and best of all, your whole house sound system is always at your fingertips.

Electronic volume control for whole house sound
Electronic volume control for whole house sound
Knob Volume Control for Whole House Sound
Knob Volume Control for Whole House Sound










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