How It Works

How does this work? Where do I begin?

At CSAV, we have designed two ways for you to get started on brainstorming and/or submitting a quote request to us, as defined below.  Home entertainment is something enjoyable and fun. We want our customers to enjoy their experience from the initial contact to experiencing their terrific new in-home entertainment system once installed! We look forward to partnering with you on your home a/v entertainment needs.

Path 1

Packages  For your convenience, we have built numerous packages broken down by three categories (media room, family room, and whole house sound).  It’s sort of a ‘one-stop-shop’ method.  Each package includes all equipment and installation service. Even though these are packages which include specific brands and equipment, we can discuss with you options to personalize it.  We created these packages based on typical customer needs and desires for home a/v entertainment.  If you are interested in going the path of selecting a package, go to the Contact CSAV page  to submit your information with package selection. We will respond promptly to discuss next steps!

Or you could…

Path 2

Build My Experience  We have listed the multitude of options by category on the Build My Experience page. Simply select the radio button next to each item you are interested in having in your home. This will help us become familiar with your vision, and begin the initial steps of creating your custom quote.  Once you have selected the options you are interested in, simple click the “Customize My A/V Experience!” button to submit your information to us. We will respond within 24 hours to your request!


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